September 29, 2023


A Home Grown Success

this adaptable modular dwelling encourages snug living practical experience

a a single-unit domestic location that can be remodeled


Supra-Simplicities intended a modular residence unit that can be altered according to the user’s wants. This adaptable household style depicts a roomless construction procedure centered on an inner infrastructural track grid. The idea was conceived in the hard work of making a place that will embrace and maximize the adaptability and movability of domestic dwelling. ‘Everything All on Track’ is the layout proposal that won 1st prize for Buildner’s next edition of Modular Property levels of competition.


adaptability and movability in domestic residing | all visuals by Supra-Simplicities + Han Kuo



track infrastructure for an interchangeable inside


The proposed built area is developed to be multi-reason, internally adjustable and interchangeable over time to satisfy occupant’s shifting wants, due to social or environmental occurrences. In order to maintain the dynamics of place in the modular home, a subtle keep track of technique is launched by the structure workforce. The observe and provider supply relieve of systematic operation and directional overall flexibility. All factors, objects and home furniture for dwelling are preset with operable wheels and can be moved along the home’s approach. The cross-shaped junction provides occupants liberty to effectively relocate each domestic furnishings and operable partitions through 2 perpendicular axes, improving the flexibility of inside area. The tracks functionality as inner infrastructural grids within the property, but also on the roof and below the ground for people supportive units which includes roof panels, rainwater collector, photovoltaic panels, h2o offer and septic tank, and so on.


this flexible modular home design promotes a comfortable living experience
the proposed built space is internally adjustable and interchangeable



a roomless and multi-use open system


This residence is intentionally designed to be ‘roomless’. Inside of there is no static accumulation of rooms, as an alternative the plan types as a dynamic open up zone comprehensive of adjustable domestic units. There is no bed room, no eating place, no living place or any established place for a precise domestic functionality, only a modular open prepare area that requires up any use for a versatile and personalized living encounter. The adaptable open up region allows people to determine its characteristics and capabilities. Dependent on the user’s choice, the overall inside configuration can be conveniently customized. A wide selection of doable arrangements of furnishings, objects and partitions, going alongside the monitor program, deliver virtually infinite spatial experience and dwelling quality.


this flexible modular home design promotes a comfortable living experience
a dynamic open up zone complete of adjustable domestic units