September 29, 2023


A Home Grown Success

ChatGPT is a tool real estate agents can use to offer properties, uncover consumers, and preserve time

Correct right after the Super Bowl is an unofficial start of the spring housing market, one of the busiest periods for serious estate brokers and present and possible clientele.

Brokers are always looking for strategies to be a lot more productive and hook up with dwelling purchasers and sellers. They test to figure out how very best to use their methods and which applications to pull out of their instrument belts.

One new instrument developing in attractiveness throughout fields is the chatbot ChatGPT, which utilizes artificial intelligence to answer to prompts in a conversational way. It has created headlines for accomplishing this kind of feats as passing a Wharton professor’s MBA test.

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The technologies is not yet widely made use of in the actual estate business, but some tech-savvy agents are striving it out.

Michael Severns, principal listing specialist and broker of file at a Redfin business primarily based in Wayne, shared how he utilizes ChatGPT.

Conserving time and participating in to strengths

Demonstrating households to customers and negotiating on their behalf are time-consuming jobs for real estate agents. At the exact time, brokers also have to regularly work to make connections and produce potential customers to convey in new clientele.

“I’m inherently lazy, so I attempt to obtain the most straightforward way to do things,” Severns claimed. “This resource is amazing for any person like me.”

He makes use of ChatGPT to produce social media and site posts. And he has another app that schedules his social media posts throughout his accounts.

He posts on and asks the chatbot to act as an editor. It cleans up his creating and can make his opinions far more succinct. He can even talk to it to add some humor into a site submit.

“I’m not that good of a writer,” he claimed. “That’s why I adore ChatGPT.”

He just lately posted about 10 things possible buyers need to look at when they tour a home. He fed ChatGPT a checklist he presents to buyers and asked it to act as a serious estate agent and describe why the 10 objects on the list are so vital.

He feeds ChatGPT marketplace news and asks it to rephrase the info from the point of see of a real estate agent.

“The abilities and the things it can do are phenomenal,” he said.

It’s a person way he stays in front of probable dwelling buyers and sellers. In between scheduled posts, he throws in some private types — and lately, posts about the Eagles — to further connect with persons.

Staying up-to-day

Severns makes use of ChatGPT to preserve observe of the subject areas of the day.

He asks it issues these kinds of as “What are 10 social media article subjects I ought to do as a genuine estate agent?”

Relating to unique demographics

Severns is 45 and acknowledges that he doesn’t know everything the youngest home prospective buyers are into. He explained artificial intelligence helps him connect with different demographics.

“I can say, ‘Act as an advertiser and rewrite this report to have interaction with 18- to 35-year-olds,’ and it will do that,” he said.

Combining tech with expertise

ChatGPT is considerably from ideal. In some cases the chatbot gives Severns completely wrong info, so he tends to make absolutely sure to double-check what ChatGPT will come up with.

He doesn’t have the chatbot do almost everything. Descriptions of properties in listings, for case in point, are published by a “really phenomenal” listing coordinator at Redfin, he said.

He has talked to other actual estate agents who are scared of the technology and don’t want to discover to use it, but Severns explained he’s enjoying the benefits.

“It’s just one more instrument that we can use in our toolbox,” he stated.